Industry 4.0

The opportunity is within reach

New technology opens new gaps in terms of competitiveness, it makes the difference between to live or to die

The fourth revolution goes beyond incremental impacts in the company’s results, now it is considered a need to compete in the future and a way to differentiate in the mid-term.

Reach new levels of growth and profitability, early adoption can be a competitive advantage providing and alternative way to grow

Financial sustainability will be a must in order to compete with productivity, agility and flexibility

change brings new opportunities

The new paradigm that industry 4.0 presets will imply structural changes in 3 different aspects
Value chain (from concept to commercializing)
Product development (Incorporating new different digital concepts)
Business model

Collaborative design

Collaborative models will enrich your process and will allow you to be closer to your customer you can quickly reduce your innovation cycle

Agile and Flexible Manufacturing

Virtual simulation and 3D printing allows you to prototype quicker, smaller production facilities will provide better massive personalization, connected industries will improve the production adaptability.

Supply chain

Now it is possible to track globally on real time between different actors
Analytics will help you optimize your supply network.

Digital Commercialization

Digital Commercialization provides a precise visibility on real time of what the customer demands, with allows you to anticipate to you customer needs and adapt your supply chain

Digital Product

Hyper connectivity affects product development from textile to turbine

New business model

Hyper connectivity and intelligence can be one of your greater assets, competitive conditions will be altered opening new collaborative scenarios

ISITA’s solution begins with a profound understanding in the Value chain link, from transforming supply chain to asset managements
we have proven capabilities and we provide a profound knowledge to clarify the competitive implications of the 4th revolution

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